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We need news approved by specialists. We need news not chosen for profit. We need news independent from the publishers name. We need different news. Don't you agree?

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The Thinkers Journal, what is it?

The Thinkers Journal is a newspaper family. Newspapers filled with articles that were recommended by the greatest international influencers. These influencers are famous individuals that recommend articles not for monetary reasons but for pointing out great quality content.

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The Thinkers Family soon to be represented in many different areas.

TTJ is structured to provide articles and essays covering main current headline news, as well as a wide range of political, cultural, economical, plus tech-and science-related subjects in its corresponding journals. All news inside our journals are recommendations from our pre-selected Thinkers.

Reading our journals, is a pleasurable experience.

We are constantly improving the reading experience of our Journals to not only find the greatest content for our readers but also make the reading process a more pleasurable experience without distraction or confusion.

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Made with love from Germany.

Twosift was founded by two German gentlemen. One lives in Barcelona, Spain and the other lives in Cologne, Germany. Both were tired of getting lost in information overload. Their goal is to identify true quality information which is worth reading.

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What the Press says:

"Do you prefer to follow publications, or would you rather get your news blessed from people who know their stuff?" - Drew Olanoff

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